Something REALLY Subversive

Love is…  but is this true of our societies? –

Why would… why does anyone consider love to be subversive?

Let’s take a look at the definition for subvert, the verb:

1. to overthrow (something established or existing).
2. to cause the downfall, ruin, or destruction of.
3. to undermine the principles of; corrupt.

People and institutions have told us what love is and isn’t, which in turn leaves us arguing about something that you know deep inside of you – it’s something you were born knowing… just look at a baby, a puppy, a kitten… any animal at birth shows and lives love – as a matter of fact, they live unconditional love.  Each one of these creatures loves everyone, even if you happen to be a heartless killer – they don’t know any better.

As we become older and less wiser, we lose that innocence for what we call intelligence and/or knowledge.  This is subversive; this is worth fighting for… the innocence of love.

Is life so grand without love that you’d rather live without it, or with some limited version of it?

Subversive?  No, love unites:  without love, we’re divided.

Thought for growth…

" LOVE " LOTUSES always :-)  ^__^

” LOVE ” LOTUSES always 🙂 ^__^ (Photo credit: Thai Jasmine ( …Smile..))