2012: the Year of Understanding and Change? Part 1 of 4

This is something that I tried posting in my first week here in WordPress, but for some unknown reason, it wouldn’t open and I couldn’t post it as any other post.  This is in a pdf format, which seems to be the only way to get this done without typing everything again.

I hope it’s enlightening!

Title:  Introduction


Set yourself free!


This Week…

This week, there is a four-part series titled, “2012: the Year of Understanding and Change?” starting in 12 hours from the time of this post.  The series is provided in a pdf format file, so to read it just click on the link and it will open for you.

This series tells a bit about the author’s experience with Freemasons, learned material about what 2012 can bring, but not necessarily what it will bring, and a few other things of value for you, the reader to ponder.

As always, Thoughts for Growth is here to help you to see things differently and when possible, help you find YOUR answers – the answers are in each and every one of us – love, respect and trust yourself and your answers will become so evident they’ll even surprise you!

All the best!

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English: Square & compasses (Insignia of Freem...

English: Square & compasses (Insignia of Freemasons) carved into stone. Part of the foundation stone on a masonic hall situated in the centre of Lancaster in the UK. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Knowing You Are a Slave

Here is a quotation that you may think is not appropriate for our day – nothing could be further from the truth.

If you’re honest with yourself, think about all the responsibilities that you have that limit your abilities to live a better life.  When you work, do you keep your income?  Ok, how much of your income do you get to keep?

Let’s take this to another level:  As most people do, they (I don’t) watch TV and usually will buy the “things” advertised, the services offered, go to the most popular places… businesses know how to get you to spend your money on what they’re selling, so in a simple sense, you’re a slave to your desires, and the corporations know how to manipulate those desires.

When you recognize and break free of this “slavery”, you will be on your way to a personal freedom that you only remember as a child.