Who Is Valuable to You?

That gave you confidence?

Are you, or do you know people that build their confidence in others merely because of where they’re located?  Or maybe because they’ve written a book?  Maybe just because they have a few “letters” following their name?

Tell me, or better yet, tell yourself if that makes you any less of a person?

Today, we have many highly educated people that can’t think their way out of wet paper bags, but many will swear by whatever they say or write.

Granted, many of these people ARE experts in their fields of study and even I quote them and will stand with what they’re stating, if I understand it.  However, I do claim the right to disagree when I deem it correct to do so, but I’ll do it logically and with “reason”, not emotions.

Our societies have even taking our lives and made detailed lists of what and how we should be, act and react: how we should conceive children, how we should raise our own children, what we should do with our lives in such details that absolutely no one can be all that is written… heck, no one could read all the material that’s available.

When human beings remember some day, some day soon I’d hope, that all of us have the answers to life built-in at birth and our parents duties are, amongst other things, to teach us how to be productive members of our societies while allowing us to be… us/ourselves, then we can share who we are in our societies and make them better places.