Who are the Oppressed?

Since childhood, I’ve known many that consider themselves to be oppressed.  Being oppressed, in my view of life, has two definitions; physically oppressed and mentally oppressed.

To be mentally oppressed is the worse.  Those that accept this type of oppression – no longer see themselves as having any more value than that of a machine… possibly less value considering how some people value their objects more than humanity.  This is a person that can appear to have his/her head hung perpetually low, visibly showing low, or no self-esteem.  These people may do their work well, but without pride; their social lives are practically non-existent.  If anyone can manage to show these people that they indeed do have value in life, for others as well as for themselves, you’ll see a very radiant being emerging from what they may term, “the Gates of Hell.”  A smile will replace that “straight-face”, you may even feel the happiness radiating from their very essence!

The physically oppressed are to some degree or another, potentially dangerous.  These are people who know they’re oppressed and, for some, fed up with it.  How these persons seek to free themselves is what can endanger themselves and others.  Those that I’ve known from my past that found themselves physically oppressed have voiced the desire not only to be free of the oppressors shackles, but to become an oppressor.  These persons do not seek freedom for all, just themselves so they can have the riches of their oppressors and emulate what they feel is power, riches and control.

In our present time in current-day history, be aware of those around you that want power.  We’ve heard variations of this expression many times recently, “Power corrupts, and total power corrupts totally.”

Once again: the answers to the ill’s of our current societies are within each of us, but they start with your own peace, then thoughts (which should always precede action) of how to better first yourself, then others.  At the very least, you have to be an example to others to bring about the peace you seek for all.

All the best!


2 thoughts on “Who are the Oppressed?

  1. Everyone is affected (more accurately, afflicted) by some form of oppression. Whether it be externally-imposed upon one by some other(s), or whether it is a self-affliction … born of some stigma, dogma, fear, what-have-you.

    Love, gratitude, best wishes and blessings to you!!!



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