ALL of us should be outraged at this!

If you were in their place, how would you feel?  Think it can’t happen to you?  Wouldn’t you want someone to help you?  What can you do?  Send emails to the U.N.?  To the Brazilian government?  Can you raise some public awareness in an effort to stop this?  How about just forwarding this post to your friends?

… or is it none of your business?

This was posted in facebook yesterday and it immediately made me angry:  angry because someone will actually force another to leave their ancestral home, kill all sorts of vegetation – some of which is probably rare – and all sorts of animals… just for more electricity?  It’s time for General Electric to release Nicola Tesla‘s inventions and stop killing and destroying.

Below is translated from the info that came with the picture:

 This picture should circulate throughout the world!

 The evacuation of the Kayapo tribe - a tribe of the Amazon region 
of Mato Grosso in Brazil - has begun ... The construction of the 
Belo Monte hydroelectric dam has been approved ... despite numerous 
protests and more than 600,000 signatures collected. Therefore, 
the death penalty was given to the people of the great bend of the 
Xingu River. Belo Monte, a total of 400,000 hectares of forest will 
be flooded, an area that is larger than the Panama Canal. 40,000 
people from indigenous and local communities ... the habitat of 
many animal and plant species will be destroyed.

 All in order for electricity production to be made easier, more 
efficient and profitable, produced primarily by investors. I know 
this does not happen to our country .... Some will say: What is 
Brazil? As if we don't have our own problems ...But I am of this 
opinion! The inherent despair in this image, that they face ... 
got me thinking ...: "The history of the Kayapo tribe must go 
through the world and perhaps cause us to rethink. Far from the 
relentless march of capitalist society ... to responsible ..."

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by Alan Auil