Remember In Peace

Far too often, mankind stoops to its lows by judging others far too much.  Sure, we judge people, as we should; is this person kind?  Is this person loving?  Does this person have a good sense of humor… and so on.  These are judgements that we should practice daily, but when we go beyond these, we cause not only a great deal of pain to others, but to ourselves as well.

Please take the time to read through the following, and share it with those you care about, and if you’re brave enough, with those that you’ve hurt, with a profound apology.

Have a wonderful weekend, and be kind!

Who are the Oppressed?

Since childhood, I’ve known many that consider themselves to be oppressed.  Being oppressed, in my view of life, has two definitions; physically oppressed and mentally oppressed.

To be mentally oppressed is the worse.  Those that accept this type of oppression – no longer see themselves as having any more value than that of a machine… possibly less value considering how some people value their objects more than humanity.  This is a person that can appear to have his/her head hung perpetually low, visibly showing low, or no self-esteem.  These people may do their work well, but without pride; their social lives are practically non-existent.  If anyone can manage to show these people that they indeed do have value in life, for others as well as for themselves, you’ll see a very radiant being emerging from what they may term, “the Gates of Hell.”  A smile will replace that “straight-face”, you may even feel the happiness radiating from their very essence!

The physically oppressed are to some degree or another, potentially dangerous.  These are people who know they’re oppressed and, for some, fed up with it.  How these persons seek to free themselves is what can endanger themselves and others.  Those that I’ve known from my past that found themselves physically oppressed have voiced the desire not only to be free of the oppressors shackles, but to become an oppressor.  These persons do not seek freedom for all, just themselves so they can have the riches of their oppressors and emulate what they feel is power, riches and control.

In our present time in current-day history, be aware of those around you that want power.  We’ve heard variations of this expression many times recently, “Power corrupts, and total power corrupts totally.”

Once again: the answers to the ill’s of our current societies are within each of us, but they start with your own peace, then thoughts (which should always precede action) of how to better first yourself, then others.  At the very least, you have to be an example to others to bring about the peace you seek for all.

All the best!

Who Is Valuable to You?

That gave you confidence?

Are you, or do you know people that build their confidence in others merely because of where they’re located?  Or maybe because they’ve written a book?  Maybe just because they have a few “letters” following their name?

Tell me, or better yet, tell yourself if that makes you any less of a person?

Today, we have many highly educated people that can’t think their way out of wet paper bags, but many will swear by whatever they say or write.

Granted, many of these people ARE experts in their fields of study and even I quote them and will stand with what they’re stating, if I understand it.  However, I do claim the right to disagree when I deem it correct to do so, but I’ll do it logically and with “reason”, not emotions.

Our societies have even taking our lives and made detailed lists of what and how we should be, act and react: how we should conceive children, how we should raise our own children, what we should do with our lives in such details that absolutely no one can be all that is written… heck, no one could read all the material that’s available.

When human beings remember some day, some day soon I’d hope, that all of us have the answers to life built-in at birth and our parents duties are, amongst other things, to teach us how to be productive members of our societies while allowing us to be… us/ourselves, then we can share who we are in our societies and make them better places.

Our Paradox

As our technology increases, our common sense, rationale, sense of community and more… decreases.

Here are wonderfully true observations of our lives today:

We Learn from Our… the Museum of Failed Products

I’d love to insert some cute adage, expression, or famous quotation here, but I think the following excerpts from the article and the video (in the article) will say it all:

“… unlike in a real supermarket, there is only one of each item. And you won’t find many of them in a real supermarket anyway: they are failures, products withdrawn from sale after a few weeks or months, because almost nobody wanted to buy them.” The Museum of Failed Products – consumer capitalism’s very own graveyard.
Photograph: Kelly K Jones

Failure is everywhere. It's just that most of the time we'd rather 
avoid confronting that fact.
Behind all of the most popular modern approaches to happiness and
 success is the simple philosophy of focusing on things going right.
 But ever since the first philosophers of ancient Greece and Rome,
 a dissenting perspective has proposed the opposite: that it's our
 relentless effort to feel happy, or to achieve certain goals, that
 is precisely what makes us miserable and sabotages our plans. And
 that it is our constant quest to eliminate or to ignore the
 negative – insecurity, uncertainty, failure, sadness – that causes
 us to feel so insecure, anxious, uncertain or unhappy in the first

Relating to the video:

For the Stoics, the ideal state of mind was tranquility – not the 
excitable cheer that positive thinkers usually seem to mean when 
they use the word "happiness". And tranquility was to be achieved 
not by chasing after enjoyable experiences, but by cultivating a 
kind of calm indifference towards one's circumstances. One way to 
do this, the Stoics argued, was by turning towards negative 
emotions and experiences: not shunning them, but examining them 
closely instead.

Ok, I hope this has whet your appetite for more, mainly because I have no intent of copying the whole article here, but I will give you the link so you can read it for yourself.

Link: The title of the article is, “Happiness is a Glass Half Empty” from the Guardian newspaper in the U.K. –

All the best to you, always!